Brown and blue

Friday, February 4, 2011

We found a house!!

Our most recent adventure has been house hunting in the Netherlands.   We wanted to find a house that was close to work for Josh and close to the town center for shopping for me.  It turns out there are not a lot of options out there that meet both of these criteria. 

A couple weeks ago, Josh and I ventured overseas on that wonderful 8 hours plane ride in hopes of finding a house.  We looked at about 10 different houses in 4 or 5 different towns.  Most of the places we saw were wonderful, some however not so much!! We went into one place and I immediately had to cover my nose! Remember I am 31 weeks pregnant at the time and senses are still going strong!  The realtor blamed it on a dog.  We have a dog and I have never smelled anything like it! 

A couple of odd things about the houses in the Netherlands.  If you move out you can take everything with you.  I mean EVERYTHING!! You take the light fixtures, you can take the kitchen cabinets and some people even take the floors!

We found some houses we thought were going to be great deals and even in the same town as where Josh would work.  Well they were such great deals because the had nothing left in them! It is baffling to me!  You would never be able to sell a house in the US if it is bare like that!

Another crazy thing are their stairs.  They are the most narrow stairs I have ever seen.  You have to go down sideways or you will almost definitely fall.  Again, remember I am 31 weeks pregnant looking at these places. I can hardly see my feet and now I have to hang on to the railing with 2 hands going up and down the stairs to be sure I do not fall down!!

On day 2 of house hunting we looked a place in a Aster, prounounced Az-ta.  They dont say their R's. It is a fairly decent sized town with lots of shops.  The house was about 1 block from the town center so about 5 minutes away (walking of course).  It looks wonderful on the outside, all brick, big, nice fenced in back yard. It seems too good to  be true!  We go inside and NO, its NOT to good to be true!  It is wonderful!  It has great tiled floors, big open living room and dining room! Lots of bedrooms (for all our world travelers that come to visit) and the backyard is perfect for the dog!  It is furnished meaning everything we saw there that day stayed, they have done a good job decorating and had nice things! 

After talking with our relocation person and the realtor it has been decided this will be our house as of April 1. We of course will need to get somethings like a crib and other baby items but all in all we are super excited about it!

So after 1 week, I got to make the great adventure back home by myself while Josh stayed for 2 more weeks to work.  The rest of the things we are waiting on are slowly falling into place, so we should be all set to move a few weeks or so after our little man is born.