Brown and blue

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jackson turns 2

It's so unbelievable to me that Jackson is already two years old.  It just feels like yesterday he was born and we were figuring out how we were going to pack up and move to the Netherlands. Now that 22 month journey is over were back to Jackson's first home!

Jackson is in love with his house and can't get enough of all of his Nana's and Papa's.  He loves having his neighbor friends over, it's been so nice to have them straight across the street, we don't have to even get in the car!! So most of our days are filled with play dates and it's been great to catch back up with our friends!

Jackson is still talking up a storm and will pretty much say any word you ask him to.  So fair warning if you're around us, watch what you say :) We haven't learned the hard way yet!  One funny thing he says when he sees a person in a store, he repeats pointing and saying, guy, guy, guy doing over and over!  It's pretty embarrassing sometimes but he is just so curious!!

Jackson still loves tractors, probably more than ever!  He loves chasing Grace around and playing outside.  Now that it is getting warm out we have been outside as much as possible, riding in his wagon, walking with his balance bike, riding his new hot wheels trike.

Jackson is still growing like a weed, we had his 2 year check up and he is 35.5 inches tall!  He is over half as tall as me!  Crazy!! He weighed 26.4 lbs which is the 12th percentile so we're moving up from the 5th, so I'm trying not to worry too much if he doesn't eat perfectly every day!

We had a big party to make up for being away from everyone for his first birthday and I think Jackson had the best day!  He was so happy the entire day. He loved everything from to the balloons to the cake, of course the presents and having all his favorite people in one place at one time.

Almost our entire family was able to make it and a lot of our friends too!  There were a lot of people and I thought it would be overwhelming for him, but he was super happy with everything. He just got a little tired of opening his presents, he wanted to PLAY with all those toys he was getting! A big thanks to everyone that helped us celebrate our little mans big day!!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ik Ben Zwanger!! Don't understand?!?! See translation below!

Josh and I are super excited to tell everyone that we're are expecting another baby this September!   My due date is September 23 which means I will be 14 weeks on Monday.

Zwanger... Pregnant
I have been feeling great! Only 2 days of feeling a little sick. As long as I don't wait too long to eat I am just fine!  Of course a little sleepy, I have been taking a nap every day when Jackson does.

Jackson sort of understands there is a baby in mommy's tummy and he was able to go to our first ultrasound with us. He got really quiet when we heard the heart beat and was trying to figure out what was going on.  We think Jackson will be really excited to be a big brother. He loves all things baby and I’m sure he will be very “helpful” when that time comes! 

Can you dig it? I'm going to be a big Brother!
9 week ultrasound
Yes, we knew we were expecting before we left the Netherlands but it was just too soon to tell everyone.  We would have loved to everyone in person but it just wasn't the right time for us. 
I think with Jackson we had our big ultrasound early, but they told us at our appointment this week it won't be until we hit 20 weeks. :( I'm sure you all know how patient I am!
It seems that everyone was on to us and was expecting us to announce we were pregnant right away when we got home. So sorry if we "fibbed" to you and told you no!  We just wanted to make sure it was all ok before we told!  The second time around I am showing alot earlier so there really isn't an easy way to hide it any more! 

12 weeks

There seems there is a baby boom wherever we are :) we know so many people in the Netherlands that are expecting, I'm the 4th in our neighborhood, my brother just had a baby on March 21, and Josh's brother and wife are expecting in April.  Our family is growing and we're so excited!