Brown and blue

Monday, January 23, 2012

10 months old

Jackson's 9th month has come and gone while we celebrated Christmas back in Iowa. We had a great time seeing our family and tried to see a few friends while we were back as well!  The flights are proving to be much more difficult now that Jackson is more mobile!! So we're happy to have the flight behind us!!

Now we have already gotten to Jackson's 10 month birthday.  We can hardly believe it!  He really changed so much from 9 months to 10 months.  He has now gone from scooting to full out crawling. Sitting to pulling up and standing and he is now daring enough to let go while standing up for a few seconds while giggling at the excitement of standing alone!!! He went from having 4 teeth to now 8 teeth and I believe we're going to have a little chatterbox here pretty soon.  The only words we can make out are Dada and the occassional mama or ga (which we assume is Grace).  But he is jabbering all the time and keeping us very entertained!

We have now babyproofed even more and are finding out everyday that there is still more to do!!

In other news, we have just booked our February adventure to Normandy and are looking forward to having a few days away and we getting very excited for our string of visitors to start arriving in March to help us celebrate Jackson 1st birthday!