Brown and blue

Monday, August 25, 2014


Where oh where has the time gone.   Wasn't this just yesterday?

Or was this yesterday??

No?? I swear it was this!!

We got to meet Jackson's teachers last week for the first time and the entire way there he kept asking me their names.  Repeating them over and over as if he was trying to commit them to memory.  It was so sweet!  We got to play around for a little bit and be on our way.  Jackson really was upset that he didn't get to stay longer and he wanted me to leave so he could have school BY HIMSELF!!

This morning came all too quickly and when Jackson woke up he wasn't really excited for school.  "I want 3 more days", he said. (Me too buddy)!  His attitude quickly changed when he remembered he had a donut waiting for his breakfast (thanks daddy). After a quick breakfast we were off and I dropped off Jackson for his first day of preschool, he was so happy and as I walked him in he made sure this was the real deal, I wasn't staying with him this time!

Jackson wants to be a scuba diver so he can wear flippers and dive in the water! 

He really had a great time and when I asked him how school was, his first reply was, "we got to have a snack!", followed quickly by, "did you bring me lunch?".  Luckily I did!! Between bites he told me about school, playing with bubbles,we poured water on ice so it melted, it was hot outside, we didn't play on a playground, we read a story, my favorite thing was the construction hats, we had milk, I played with Logan-we walked around together.

He really had fun and is taking a great nap to prove that right now!  I'm so glad he had such an awesome first day and I pray he is excited to go back on Wednesday!! Where did my little baby go???