Brown and blue

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our First Visitors :)

It's been a while since my last post!  We have been really busy believe it or not! 

Josh's parents came to visit us in the beginning of June.  It was so great to have familiar faces and people who speak English around all the time!  The only bad part, after they left I felt more homesick than ever.  Please don't let that stop you from coming to visit, because believe me we want company!

During the week Josh had to work so we ventured out in our small town and did a little shopping and visited the Bell Museum.  It was actually really neat and they have a huge garden (work in progress) with tons of flowers.  A worker handed us a little leaf and said "It's Tea, you can eat it"  So Chris and I bite on it and sure enough it tastes like tea.  Then we start laughing because for all we know it could have been marijuana and we just chowed down on it... Don't worry we didn't get too crazy after it!

We also worked on the hardest puzzle I have ever done, I wanted to just throw it away!!! A week after Chris and Wes left, Josh and I finally finished it and there was one stupid piece missing.  Josh though he saw Grace chomping away on a piece a few days earlier... stupid dog!! (Don't ask me why he didn't stop her)

When Josh was off of work we went to a WWII museum, that has sooo much stuff.  It was incredible and actually really sad to read all about it! 

The next weekend we went to Kinderdijk, the place with all the wind mills, and we also went to the Sea Wall .  The Sea Wall they can rise and lower incase of a huge wave so a majority of the country is not flooded.   It's something like 60% of the Netherlands is under sea level.

We packed in as much as we could on the weekend, so on Sunday we went around to a bunch of castles in the area.  They really are amazing to see, but Jackson was having a rough day so I was alot more focused on him than the castles.  We did get some cool pictures though!!!

We were so happy to have company and can't say enough how much we miss everyone back home!! So who wants to be the next to visit???

Oh and after 8 weeks our things finally arrived!!! We are loving having our own stuff and more than just a suitcase full of things to wear!!!