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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What have we been up to?

At first when moving back I thought it might be a little boring. No more weekend trips to a new country, most of our friends work and we weren't used to even having a kid in America.  Well let me tell you it has been anything but boring. 

We have easily found friends that stay home which keep us busy most days of the week!  It has been great and makes my heart hurt a little less because Jackson now has great friends back here in the states not just in the Netherlands. 

All that worry about not traveling was for nothing let me tell you!! While it isn't traveling to new countries we have been in 3 different states in the last 2 1/2 months while we have been home and have traveled nearly 2,500 miles.  I'm ready for NO MORE travel for a little while. 

It has been so great catching up with friends at weddings in Missouri, meeting our new niece in northern Iowa and meeting our new nephew in Minnesota and celebrating his baptism.  We have seriously been living life in the fast lane!

Jackson and his cousin Ryah
Baby Wyatt's baptism
Josh has started up his classes for his MBA again, he only has 3 left.  So that keeps him incredibly busy and we're trying to stay out of his hair while he has class and homework to get done!! Jackson and I have been loving the weather and have been outside every day (until the snow today in May :( )

I'm just a little over 19 weeks along now and can feel this little baby kicking all the time!  It is such a great feeling!  In just two weeks we will find out if we're having a boy or a girl.  I can't wait for that!!  Then we can take on the next project of moving rooms or decorating a new nursery if it's a girl!! We will be sure to keep you all updated!!

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