Brown and blue

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pink or Blue

In Mid October we had our ultrasound to make sure everything was going OK and of course to find out what we were having.  There was no question in either of our minds, we we're going to find out!!

For Months, I thought we are having a girl.  I kept asking Josh what he thought and he thought the same.  The week of the ultrasound I asked him again and he changed his mind to a boy. I am still dead set on the fact we are having a girl. Everyone I talk to thinks it is a girl and I even have girl names picked out!

We go into the ultrasound and see all these amazing little pictures, we see, hands feet, arms, legs and guess what else we see.  A little penis. I am totally shocked, I can not believe it!  It's a BOY!!!

It takes me days to really get it into my head that we're having a boy even with the proof on that little ultrasound picture.

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