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Monday, July 11, 2011

Strawberry Land

Josh and I have decided that we are going to go somewhere or do something every weekend while we are here.  Besides we only have a limited amount of time and tons to do and see while we are here.  This last weekend we stayed close to home but still had a great time! 

Pretty much every weekend there is something going on in our little town.  This weekend was "Carnival" .  Which is basically like a mini- state fair.  There are vendors, rides, food... not so much fried food but more like pastries and yummy desserts!  We went out and had dinner on Saturday night and just took it all in.  There really weren't too many people out but it was still fun to see.  Now that it is Monday morning there are more people than ever out.  There is live music and the beer is flowing.  I went to the grocery store at 11:30 this morning and the streets just reaked of beer!! I guess it's a good reason to take a day off. 

Oh and kind of a weird thing to see, an outdoor urinal for men.  And just in case you don't know it is for men they are sure to have a male picture on it.  I would love to see a woman try and use it!!

Yesterday we went to a little place (well not so little) called Strawberry Land or Aardeien Land.  What a great place to take kids.  We will be sure to go back when Jackson is bigger.  They have a strawberry castle and tons of places to play and you can even pick your own strawberries. :)

After we ventured through the strawberries we made our way to a lake pretty much right across the road.  We had ourselves a nice little picnic and took a stroll around the lake.  Next to this lake is a castle ruin as well so we were going to go and see it but instead we found what was called a "Car Boot".  We thought oh no what is the Black Market??? It turned out to be the equivalent of a garage sale only out of the back of your car... Pretty odd!!!  We walked through but didn't buy anything :)

As for Jackson news.  He is 16 weeks this week and growing like crazy.  He weighed in at 12 lbs 8 oz. last week, so he has just doubled his birth weight.  He is rolling over from his tummy to his back, smiling and laughing, and his lastest is sitting up while in his Bumbo seat.  His head is still a little wobbly in there but he seems to love sitting up.  His legs are so strong he is holding himself up and wiggling all around!! He is growing up soo fast!!
One more little note, Grace is doing good too.  Still being very lady like as you can see!

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