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Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Top 10s

Top 10 things we miss about home:
1.  Our family and Friends
2.  English!!
3.  Our own bed
4.  Our dishwasher, washing machine, dryer.  Pretty much any appliance you can think of! Everything is slow or doesn't work that great!
5.  The sunshine... we will not complain about it not being 100 degrees but we love to see the sun and not the rain all the time!!
6.  Having 2 cars
7.  Our big comfy couch
8.  Not having to watch out for bicycles
9.  Our "big" backyard.  It's not that big, but bigger than here!
10. Airconditioning- we haven't needed it too much but there have been a few days!!

The Top 10 things we love about the Netherlands:
1.  Traveling
2.  Pannenkoken
3.  Sitting outdoors at the cafe's
4.  Coffee
5.  The once in a life time experience
6.  The challenge of learning a new everything
7.  Walking instead of driving for a change
8.  The healthier lifestyle
9.  The beautiful gardens and flowers everywhere!
10.  All the little things that have make us appreciate everything we have back home!   

Next week Paris!!!

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