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Friday, February 24, 2012

11 Months

Well it's hard to believe it has already been another month since I have done our last blog!  Time really is going so fast! Jackson turned the big 11 months yesterday and is continuing to amaze us at how fast he is growing and changing everyday!

Some of the latest and great accomplishments are walking with things (well pushing around anything that will move-this includes the vaccuum), pointing, saying dada dada dada over and over. I try and tell him no I'm mama! :) Jackson is also saying words that maybe only mom and dad can understand but we think they are hi, ga=grace, we even get the occassional bye.  He waves when you leave a room or if he is ready for bed, he loves to turn the pages of books and throw balls, he makes lots of silly faces, and is just constantly on the go. 

We have joined a baby/toddler group and Jackson seems to really be loving it!  He gets to play with lots of other kids and is getting socialize which is great (for me too!!) He comes home just exhausted making for a great nap time in the afternoon!

We busy getting prepared for the big 1st birthday with some visitors from home!  Hopefully I will have more posts between now and then! Until next time....

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