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Friday, February 24, 2012

We're still here!

Well you get to hear a lot about Jackson but not a lot about Josh and I, so why not have a little update. (I know it's not nearly as exciting as hearing about Jackson but too bad!)

Where to start, we're just sooo exciting!  Well for starters, I am finally breaking out of my shell a little bit and have joined a International Womens Club and a baby group to take Jackson to.  It is still very new to us but we have met some great people and are looking forward to the interaction and friends we will make.  I kept putting it off because of not having a way to get there, which leads me to my next great topic. I finally after 10 months of being here have decided to get a car.  We are just renting it for a year but it a VW Up! brand new 2012.  Pretty exciting since I have not had a car since December 2010.  It's hard to believe I know!! 

All of this was prompted by our week of no heat! Long story short- it was the coldest week of the year and the people just didn't really know how to fix the heat so we had a house that was 50 degrees for about a week. Don't worry we're all back to normal!!!

In other trip news we have been asked to stay a little longer than 18 months and will now be here until March 1, 2013.  Of course it's hard to be away from family but we're excited to be able to be back for Jackson's 2nd birthday and to hopefully travel a little more while we're here!

Speaking of traveling, our latest and greatest trip was back into France for a visit to Normandy and to also see Mont Saint Michel. Both we're amazing and I really recommend it to everyone if you get a chance. Normandy is such a huge part of WWII history and it really was a sight to see! Hard to imagine all the lives lost, but makes you really thankful for the people who gave their lives to save so many others!!

Mont Saint Michel, is so amazing! It is basically an island off of the coast of France where the tide comes at some 17 feet per second. The monks built a church at the top of this island at the highest point in order to be closer to God.  There is so much history that has gone on there and you can't believe you're walking into a little "village" that is so old yet still so beautiful and more extravagant than anything you will see built this day and age! (Josh gives a much better description of it than I do)

We have really enjoyed our trips and are planning a few more, one to England, one to Rome and hopefully another (place yet to be determined). 

Josh is still enjoying his job here and we're so excited to have some more visitors in March, then April, then May and still more after that!  We hope everyone is doing well and I hope you have enjoyed catching up on Josh and I as much as you do Jackson :)

There I have doubled the amount of blogs that I did last month!  I swear I will try and be better!!

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