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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


You know that annoying sounds you hear when your smoke detector's battery is getting old? You know that high pitched BEEP every 5 minutes.  Yesterday this was going on all day long. I wait for Josh to get home from work because I of course can't reach the stupid thing and am not going to carry a ladder up those crazy spiral stairs.

So I have forgotten about the BEEP until bath time until I am oh so rudely reminded by BEEP! Josh is immediately on it. It's almost Jackson's bedtime and believe me we do not want to keep him up at night! So he removes the detector and takes it down stairs. A nice temporary relief from the BEEP! 

We sort of forget about it until we're ready for bed. Brushing our teeth when BEEP... what?!?! we haven't heard it for the last hour and a half and now really.  We obviously took down the wrong one.  So Josh is off on the hunt for the other smoke detectors and finds one in the attic.  He takes that down and we're off to bed. 

We just lay down when BEEP...really?!?!  You have got to be kidding me.  This time we're both looking for the stupid thing. We go downstairs and listen, no beep.  We go back to the attic, beep... ok we think we have found it. When he gets it down BEEP but oh no it is not this one!

So we're back on the hunt and searching every room in the house where we have found a blended in smoke detector!! BEEEP.  Ahhh, good it's the one!! Josh takes it down stairs and removes the battery. He sets it next to the other one we have already taken down when BEEP!! It seems we now have 2 bad batteries, so he removes the other battery and now there is silence! :)

Now all I have to worry about is there being a fire in the middle of the night and we have 2 smoke detectors sitting on the kitchen table with the batteries removed! Don't worry everything was ok and we have new batteries ready to go!!

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