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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm 1!!

Hey Everyone it's Jackson again!  I wanted to tell you all about my birthday!! My Grandma Robyn and Grandpa Mark flew all the way here from Iowa to come and celebrate with me for a whole week!! I am having so much fun with them!!

For my birthday we got to go to the Berger Zoo in Arnhem, it was so cool!! I have never seen those kinds of animals except for in my books!!! I really loved looking at the elephants, gorillas and seeing all the fish in the aquarium. I even got to have ice cream which I LOVE!

The next day, we had a birthday party with a few neighbor friends. I was kinda sleepy for the first part but I rallied anyways!! My mom stuck this firey thing in my face and tried to get me to blow on it but all I wanted to do was grab it and put it in my mouth but she wouldn't let me... what's wrong with her?!?!

Then I got to taste some cake with frosting on it... I had one bite of the frosting and did NOT like it at all. It made me shake my head and I think I even gagged a little.  It was way too sweet for me!!!

Then it was time for presents!  I got lots of fun things like puzzles (I carry the pieces around in my mouth), some clothes, and a new Cars car.  I love the car and figured out how to get on and off it all by my self!!!

My other favorites gifts from my mommy and daddy are my new slide and tunnel! They are so much fun and I can almost do the slide all by myself!!

I also got lots of new clothes I think my mom is more excited about them than I am!!

I wish we could have parties like that all the time!!!

Talk to you soon!

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