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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Oh no the Chicken Pox

In the Netherlands they choose not to vaccinate against the chicken pox and unfortunately for us we haven't been back in the US since Jackson has been old enough to receive the vaccination.  So guess what we picked up somewhere along the way?! The chicken pox.

I can't really believe it!  I feel so bad for him, he seems pretty miserable and just wants me to hold him but then that doesn't even make him happy.

Of course I had to take him to the doctor and lets just say our opinion of the healthcare system here is that it is a bit lacking.  They don't check temp, or look in his ears, nose, or throat. NOTHING!!! They say oh well it could be chicken pox but we want to see you back in 2 days.

Great!!!! I get to go to the doctor again and wait for 30 minutes with a crying baby while you all decide it is time to go on coffee break!   Today our appointment was for 10:30, we get there a few minutes early like normal people do and I think great, we're the only people here we will get right in.  The patient comes out of the office so we're up, right? Wrong, the receptionist puts up a sign PAUZE or break. Then all of the doctors and receptionists go off for at least 15 minutes, meanwhile the phone is ringing (no answers), patients are arriving (no one there to check them in), Jackson is crying (no one cares).  They clearly knew we were there ontime and waiting since they walked right by us on our way to the coffee room.

Why not make my appointment for 10:45 instead so I don't have to drag my sick child into your office just to wait for you to have coffee?!?!  I bet you can guess that I'm really excited to go back on Friday!!!

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