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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Last week we had our first real experience with European Futbol and it was everything we had hoped for!!!!

Coincidentally some friends we have met were also going to the game with some of their friends they had visiting, so we got to take our "old friends" from American to meet our "new friends" (also from America but living here) for dinner before the game and enjoy some dutch cuisine. Then we walked the short journey to the soccer stadium and what does it do? It pours!!!!!!!!  Lucky us, we must be turning Dutch because we have one umbrella for the 8 of us.

We made it to the stadium fairly dry and get our tickets which come with a voucher for PSV merchandise.  We all get shirts so we don't stand out too much at the game and then are off to the match!  We have to wait in this HUGE line to get in and finally it is our turn. Josh goes up and the gate won't open for his ticket.  An employee comes to help us crazy Americans and says you have tickets for the wrong game!  This was last weeks game! WHAT?!?!?! Did we not just buy these tickets for tonight's game?!  I think so!!!!!!  So we're back to will call and luckily it was just a "whoops sorry, we gave you the wrong one." No big deal and we are back to wait in line again :)

Finally we made it in and our tickets also come with vouchers for food or in our case drinks.  A nice big beer with nuts right on top!  The best invention, the peanuts act as a lid so you're not sloshing all around!! GREAT!  Pic stolen from our "new friends"

Our seats were awesome! Only 10 rows up and about midfield!! We felt like we were right in all the action!  The game was amazing and it continued to rain/pour off and on and only had a slight delay due to lightning.  The stands are covered so we were safe!!! PSV won so that was good too!! What a perfect way to end the week with our friends from home!

This was our first time using a babysitter and all were fine!! Not traumatizing for anyone!

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