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Friday, June 8, 2012

It's Summer time!!!!!!

Well it's June anyways, it has been unusually cool in the Netherlands over the last couple weeks with rain, rain, and more rain!!!! But BEFORE that we got a good taste of what summer should look like with temperatures in the 80's which let me tell you is pretty hot when you don't have A/C!!! 

Jackson LOVED the warm weather!!! We got to be outside every single day which is by far his most favorite thing to do!  He stands at the backdoor and says GO, go, go, go, go over and over all day long!!!

We have found this great park with a petting zoo, kid pool, and all kinds of other great playground equipment that is just perfect for little kids!!! Not to mention it is close to some friends we have met so we get to have lots of playdates there!!

Jackson thinks the animals are just hilarious and loves to let them nibble on his fingers!!! We got to go with Grandma and Grandpa Fausch when they were here to visit us too! 

The pool may be his favorite thing at the park, but he seems to think he is a bigger kid than he is and wants to follow all the older kids running and playing but doesn't quite know how to step over that crazy water!! It really is funny to watch, he looks at the water, then lifts his foot up really high so he will step over it, then takes a big step, but oh his foot is still in the water! :) He's not so sure about walking alone in it yet!

We decided to get just a small pool for our back yard which was also a huge hit!! Jackson was all about it for the 2 days it was warm enough to use it!!! He loves to get in and out and splash all over the place!!! Grace thought it was pretty cool too, until she got splashed, then she was outta there!

So in a our little taste of summer we had a blast, now we're hoping maybe by July the temperatures will be back to normal and we can get out to play some more!!! We hope you're all having a great summer back home!! We miss all of you and wish we could be at the lake enjoying the boat and sun!!!

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