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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trip Status Update

Hey Everyone,

I know I always say this but can you believe we have lived in the Netherlands for 18 1/2 months already?!?! Some days I totally can believe this and other days seem like it has gone by in the blink of an eye.  We have had such a great time traveling all over Europe to England, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands of course and this weekend we're headed to the Czech Republic.  I'm so thankful for all of the trips we have had and all of them memories we have made here!

We have just found out that we are going home on February 19th for good.  That means only 3 months and 4 days. Wow! They have already scheduled times to pick up our rental furniture, pick up our own belongings, cancel all utilities and "de-register" from the town hall.  With all this news we really feel like we will be home before we know it!

This news is of course bittersweet, I never imagined to make such great friends here. Jackson and I are busy with play dates all week long and we have lots of friends we get to do things with as families. I can't wait for Jackson to meet all his little neighborhood buddies when we get home, I know there is going to be a ton of them. Yet I get sad when I ask Jackson if he had fun today and he says his best bud Liam's name every time. He wakes up saying Liam, and Abby, (well after he says tractor of course).  It's hard to think he won't know them as he gets older but we are really looking forward to going on some awesome trips around the U.S. to meet up with them again, and once again thank goodness for Skype :)

A lot of people have been asking if we will be home for Christmas.  The answer is no, not this year.  (Send us your Christmas card here ;) )With a 20 month old on an airplane for 9 hours it really isn't ideal to make the trip home and then to turn around 4-6 weeks later to come home for good.  We're really hoping to take another little trip somewhere but we can't decide where to go. 

Anyways, we are so excited to see everyone back home and will miss everyone we have met here.  Oh and if you want to plan a quick trip to see us you still have some time :)

See you all soon ;)


Jessica said...

I'm so sad that you guys are leaving so soon!! Jackson is definitely Liam's best bud too and we have GOT to skype so they don't forget each other! I'm so happy for your family and know all your friends will be happy to have you back--but it won't be the same here without you! Love you!!

Lisa Jochim said...

It's time to make that list of everywhere you want to go and just go go until you move back home. Time is precious here. I'm so glad you and your friends have all had each other. What a great group y'all have. Many wishes to you and your family as you move onto the next chapter of your life. Lisa