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Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Halloween

This past weekend we did all things American when it came to Halloween. First off we got to go to a Halloween/Birthday party and then trick or treat right after that.  Last year I think I said there was no Halloween in the Netherlands but I was wrong!  There is just not Halloween everywhere in the Netherlands. 

Here is the odd part.  Only certain neighborhoods do have trick or treating.  You have to sign up in order to hand out candy.  The kids have to pay a fee to go around to the houses.  You are given a map to know which houses to go to. The houses go all out decorating and scaring people.  You are expected to sing a song for your candy. The candy is not individually wrapped and still considered safe!  Well lets just say it was all a little odd but sort of felt like home and was fun for Jackson to experience.  He was ok with walking up to the house but not ok with taking anything from a stranger. Good boy!!

Jackson and his friend Liam
Ready to trick or treat
The first house
Sunday was a great day too!  We were going to go to Germany to a little town that has a Halloween celebration but after a really long week we decided to take it easy at home. It was my favorite kind of day.  Josh and Jackson carved a pumpkin, while I roasted up the pumpkin seeds.  I made some homemade pumpkin puree (since you can't really find it in a can here), we went to the park and played in the leaves and tried to take some pictures of Jackson.  Such a relaxing yet kind of busy day spent at home. :) Ah, I can't wait for next weekend!!

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