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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fausch Family Christmas Staycation

Josh is lucky enough to always have a the week between Christmas and New Years off and this year it worked out he had 11 days off in a row.  I'm not sure the last time that has ever happened! We really traveled a lot this year (not complaining at all) so we decided we would stay home and do some fun things that are close to us. We only have a short time left here, meaning 38 days as of today(not that I'm counting), and we wanted to take advantage of all the fun kid things there are to do.

We went to the Spoorwegmuseum, for those of you who don't speak dutch, that is the train museum.  It was really great.  Tons of trains for Jackson to climb up on, and the museum was really open and of course kid friendly.  Jackson doesn't actually know who Thomas the Train is yet, but he still loves him.  I'm not sure what 2-3 year old boy doesn't!  So he rode on a little Thomas, we rode the carousel (a couple of times), we watched the people skating on the indoor skating rink, listened to Christmas carollers and we had a tasty little lunch with a fried apple with vanilla sauce for a snack!  Jackson really had a blast there and we felt right at home having Christmas music playing around us the whole time.  We really recommend it for all our Dutch friends :)

A couple of the days we went to indoor playgrounds, these are necessary unique to the Netherlands but we really don't have many around where we live.  Maybe Chuck E Cheese but I don't know if people even go there anymore... We have been to the indoor playgrounds before and Jackson always has a blast!  He gets to be the crazy man he is without me always running after him saying careful, don't jump on that etc, etc.

Jackson and I had already been to the indoor water park here in Eindhoven but he loves it so much we thought we should go with Josh too!  My boys both have a love for water!  Jackson kept wanting to go deeper and deeper!  I tell you, he has no fear!  We played in the wave pool, he went down some slides, jumped off the edges and played for hours in the kiddie pool.  What a way to wear him out :)

The rest of the days we spent at home having some quality family time.  It was so great to be able to spend these days together.  It is not often when you don't have somewhere to be or errands to run.  We really enjoyed our time together! 

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Lisa Jochim said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. A time that will always be special in your heart. Have an amazing time over the next month before it gets crazy with the move. Hoping to see you sometime before that time comes.