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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great new year and you're all sticking to your resolutions. I never got around to making any, but I suppose it isn't too late!!

This year we stayed in the Netherlands for New Years, we had been told by many people it is so amazing and you will love it!  Well they were right!  I loved it!!  There is only one time of year where it is legal to shoot off fireworks here and that is for New Years eve.  People get so excited there are bottle rockets going off every night leading up to the new year. 

We went over to our friends Jessica and Keith's house for the night.  We had a little dinner and then took the boys outside to see some fireworks.  Because of course it was so early they were few and far between but they boys loved searching for them, and as soon as they would see one they would ask for "more, more!" 

We put the boys to bed and played some games on the Ipad, (who knew you don't even need board games any more :) ) The closer it got to midnight the louder and louder it got around town.  You could just feel the excitement of everyone ready to celebrate and start a new year! 

There was no ball to watch drop on the TV but a fun celebration in Amsterdam was there instead with singing and dancing!  And when the new year rang in, the fireworks went nuts! We all headed outside with our champagne and watched (in the rain) as they lit up the sky!  Every where you looked, it felt like the finale of the 4th of July fireworks.  It was really unbelievable!

They continued on for another couple of hours but we didn't mind, they boys were sleeping peacefully through the loud booms and shaking house and we were just enjoying the company!! It was a new years I won't forget and to top it off the boys slept in super late the next morning :)

Happy New Years Everyone!

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