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Friday, February 22, 2013

Our trip home

Our trip home started out a little shaky but only got better as the 13 plus hours went on.  We had rented a van to carry our 4 suitcases 3 carry ons, 1 dog cage, the stroller, the car seat and the 3 of us. We wouldn't have fit in anything else.  What the rental company gave us was what they call a "bus" in the Netherlands. It was great we fit no problem. We could've had at least 5 other people in there with us!  What wasn't so great was no one told us it wouldn't fit in the parking ramp at the airport!

Lucky for me, Josh dropped Jackson and I off at the departures gate with 2 suitcases and the stroller. This alone was a ridiculous feat. I was pushing those silly aiport carts ( you know the ones you have to hold down the bar in order for it to go) and the stroller.  I'm sure you can see it now, the stroller went one way and the cart went the other!! I had to run Jackson across the road, leave the luggage and then run back to it.  Some nice lady helped me get into the airport from there.  Thank goodness!!!

Josh had it WAY worse!! He was returning the rental van or bus I should say and got to the parking ramp and it was too tall to go in. Josh parked on the road and had to run in and find someone to help him.  Of course they had no idea what to do, they NEVER get this type of car here.  Why would the rental company give it to us to return at the airport we will never know! It only gets worse, after arguing discussing with them about what to do with it Josh finally left it with them.  Now he has to get another cart to put the remaining suitcases, carry ons, and the poor dog Grace!  Let's just say it was a horrible mile long walk into the airport. After about an hour he shows up and I just gasp.  He looks so worked up his face is almost purple!  Poor guy!!

Next it's time to check in.  We're the people in the aiport you feel sorry for so a woman with KLM helps us to the front of the line to get us checked in.  The story doesn't get better here. We're traveling with Delta but it's operated by KLM out of Amsterdam. I'm not sure if this was the problem or what. They look at Grace's pet passport and say, I'm sorry but the U.S. will not accept your dog because she hasn't had her rabbies vaccination within 30 days. WHAT??? Wrong!  I have done hours of research on this and she had it completely backwards. The U.S. requires the vaccination be done longer than 30 days before travel so it has time to take effect. Finally, Josh just says you're taking the dog.  She said ok, but it's your liability then. It turns out we were correct and had no problems get Grace through customs.

Now it's on to security for us. In Amsterdam it is a little different. They have security at each gate.  We get through just in time to board the plane. Where a lady kindly tells us they will not allow us to take out car seat on to the plane. It is against Delta's policy. WRONG again!! We know for sure you can take carseats on the plane. We made her call some one else and they let us on with the carseat. Just one thought came to both of our minds. "Typical Dutch!"  That sounds terrible but Dutch people love to argue with you and think they're always right.  Not so true!!

From then on it was smooth sailing for us!  We made it to Minneapolis with no problems. Jackson slept 3 1/2 hours on the flight and was happy the rest of the time. We even saw Paul Rhoads in the airport. (ISU's football coach, for those of you who don't know). The short flight back to Des Moines wasn't so great but it was only 45 minutes so we survived.

It never felt so good to be home and we saw our family waiting for us at the airport, although we were already sweaty and arms trembling from carrying Jackson, the car seat and all 3 carry ons. Over all a really great trip home and Iowa has welcomed us with freezing cold temperatures and about 6 inches of snow today. 

I'm not sure we will be setting foot on an airplane anytime soon although Mexico is sounding pretty great right now!

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