Brown and blue

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Things I didn't realized I missed about home

1. Free water at restaurants that keeps on coming if you run out!
2. Waiters checking on you at your table without having to flag them down.
3.  Being able to see the stop light when you stop the designated line.
4.  Having the option to shop or do anything I want on Sundays. Not that I'm doing anything.
5. Calling up a neighbor when you're out of something while you're making dinner for the night.
6. Our big comfy couch
7.  All the options for EVERYTHING at the grocery store. This is both good and bad
8. Being able to read what it is I'm buying
9. My GIANT refrigerator
10. How fast and big the washer and dryer are.

Not everything is better in the U.S. though:
1. The bread
2.  Being able to understand everyone and their annoying conversations that they should have in private, not on the phones in airports.
3. The fruit in the winter time

I'm sure the list will continue to grow but these are just a few funny things I have noticed this week alone!


Jessica said...

4. Jessica Coffey does not live in Iowa

Lisa Jochim said...

I completely agree! And the conversation thing is so funny! Amy and I are always surrounded by people when we go out for a meal that speak really loud. In Dutch I don't have to pay attention.. in English.. we're like.. Are ya kidding me? hahha Missed you today.