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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life Lately

It seems like lately I have been seeing all of these posts about stay at home moms.  I tend to always read them and "like and share" them on facebook or wherever they come from. Usually because they're exactly right on with the madness and happiness of what just one single day can bring.  Then I got to thinking I hope people don't go around feeling sorry for me or other SAHM. Because truly most days I couldn't be happier. This is a life I choose. Life is crazy and some days there are more tears than laughs for everyone but I wouldn't change it, even if I do sometimes search for jobs on the internet!! So here is a little updates from our crazy busy WONDERFUL life.

Jackson is just about to turn 3 in March and gave me a run for my money last week with a bout of terrible twos.  He is basically back to his normal Pirate Loving self now with a nasty cold and running nose that hits the floor when he sneezes.  He loves running around in his Jake and the Neverland Pirates underwear and his Iowa State blanket on his head and it's a constant battle to keep clothes on him.  But he is happy and funny and oh so sweet MOST of the time.  Some of my favorite quotes as of lately are:

ME: Jackson what happened to your nose (with a giant scratch down the side of it)
J: I was pulling boogers out!
Ah how lovely and honest he can be!!!

Another equally discusting:
Me: Jackson lets wipe your nose.
J: No I lick it!!
Followed closely by MA (not mom or mommy) I not feeling very well...
Gee I wonder why!

I swear he is not gross all the time! Some other favorites are, "mom I'm going to dream about you! and Zach and Daddy and all of us"  So sweet!!

And he has been telling me a lot how he Wuvs me.  Doesn't get much better than that!!

Now Zach is full of his own little spunk.  He is 5 months old today and I have no idea how time goes so fast!  He is laughing and rolling over and talking and squealing in a really LOUD way!!! He hardly ever cries for me, just for others... He recently found his feet and loves to try and get his toes in his mouth.  He has a sensitive stomach it seems and can keep us up much of the night some nights.  Mostly he is an easy baby!

Life here is great and we couldn't be happier. Some days you just might have to remind me :)

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