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Thursday, November 21, 2013

2 month old Zach

Hard to believe it has already been 10 weeks since Zach has been born.  Time always moves so fast especially around the holidays it seems.  So here is a little update since I didn't do one for his one month.  I figure at one month all he did was sleep anyways.

At 2 months, it's not a whole lot different.  Zach still sleep a lot!  He is doing pretty well at night going from about 7:30 pm to about 3 without waking up to eat. Then he is right back to sleep until 5 to eat back to sleep again until 6 or today 7!! Want to bet I'll be up every hour tonight since I was bragging about him sleeping well??? Probably!

Zach is a snuggly little man, he loves being held right up close and tight.  He has started smiling lots and "talking" in his little coos and sometimes I swear he is saying "hi" back to me.  He has really started to be aware of his feet and loves if he is kicking something that makes noise.  He does pretty well on his tummy and will sometimes just fall asleep instead of trying to lift that heavy head!

I think the rest of us have done a pretty good job adjusting to having an new family member.  Jackson loves his brother and tries to help give him a pacifier and shush him when he cries.  He is always talking in a sweet voice to him and loves when "his eyes are open".  Jackson has also taken to "nursing" his baby and thinks he would like to nurse himself which is an interesting concept to get across that he gets to eat real food not milk from mommy.  He will be embarrassed some day :)

Until next month (well only 2 more weeks until he is 3 months old)

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