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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to US!

So far all I have talked about are the all the bad things that have happened to us since we have been here.  Well this last weekend was great!   The weather was perfect and we are finally settled (minus the fact that our stuff has not arrived from the US yet.) so we ventured out to Eindhoven.

First we had to make a pit stop at the trainstation to exchange some US dollars into euros.  Take a look at all the bikes we saw!

Eindhoven is a fairly American friendly city with LOTS of shopping!! So since both Josh and my birthdays are this week we thought we should go treat ourselves a little bit.  The mall puts every mall I have ever been at to shame.  It is 3 floors with both indoor and outdoor shopping.  I can't wait to have visitors to take them to it! 

While we were there we got to enjoy a little outdoor dining :)  and we had pannekoken or Dutch pancakes.  Let me tell you these things are amazing. They are not like the fluffy pancakes you get is the states but are light and crispy and you can put different things in them.  Mine had bacon and apples and Josh's had bananas, apples and a little powdered sugar!  They are so wonderful and take up an entire plate!
We each got a few things while shopping and had a great day exploring! 

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