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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who needs a key to get out of the house???

Everyone has been so nice to us for the most part, except the one old guy who we almost made fall off of his bike.  He yelled something at us that sounded like STUPID ...

We have gotten flowers from Josh's work and from our new neighbors. (No tulips though)  The first time the flowers came I am finally taking a nap and the door bell rings. I jump out of bed grab Jackson and run downstairs.  I go to open the door and can't get it open.  I remember that you have to have the key to open the door and of course Josh is not there because he is picking up our car.

There are about 5 different kinds of keys to every door in this house.  NONE of them open the stupid door.  I am fumbling around and Jackson is getting really mad. I look around the house to see how in the world can I get outside to this poor man waiting at our door.  Every door I need a key for.  I run to the "Inside Garage" and apparently grabbed the key for the "Outside Garage", I have to run back to the front door where all the keys are and grab the Inside Garage key and finally get out to this man. 

By this time I am pretty sure about 10 minutes has passed.

I said I am so sorry, he hands me the flowers because of course he can speak no English and he takes off. I say thanks and he sort of waves at me like ok.

So now I am locking the stupid door again and the knob starts turning. I have a bit of a panic attack.  I keep locking it because who knows what is on the other side of the door and then I hear a knock.  I say a sort of panicked who is it and it's Josh back from getting the rental car.

I have to unlock the door again to let him in and am so mad at the stupid locks that I am almost in tears. We figured out that I didn't even have a key to the front door, I now know which keys go where and we had a second key made for me.

After these few mishaps everything has gone much better!  Jackson and Grace are adjusting just fine.  Josh and I are getting there!

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the carlson's said...

Oh Josh and Lindsey...I bet it is so hard to get adjusted to a new country. You can do it! Hope all is going better for you. Brandon and I are thinking of you! Take care!