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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Next Big Adventure

Well we're at the house and now we have to eat, so we venture out to the grocery store and try to interpret as much as we can.  We get just what we need for the night and the next morning.  Both not as successful as we would have liked.

For dinner I made spaghetti, we thought was a pretty safe meal, it turns out I bought sauce with green olives in it.  Both Josh and I hate green olives.  Who knew spaghetti sauce even came with olives in it.  We both ate it because we have no other option.  We were like little kids picking the olives out of each bite.

The next morning we are having cereal, again another relatively simple and hopefully safe meal.  Well it turns out we bought the wrong kind of milk.  There were about 5 different options and we chose WRONG!! Karne-melk is not to be drank or at least not by us.  I poured the milk on my cereal and smell something a little funny but didn't think about it.  Once that first bite is in my mouth I can't get to the sink fast enough.

We both smell the milk and it smells like cottage cheese.  I don't think it was rotten, I am pretty sure that is just how it is supposed to taste! 

We both decided to have to instead but there is no toaster so instead we had bread with peanut butter :)

The next trip to the store was much more successful!

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