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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Spiders Much?!?

So we live in a somewhat older house that was sitting empty for a year or more so I understand moving in and there are daddy long legs all over the place.  Fine, they still creep me out when I am vaccuuming and see something go running. 

But yesterday sent me over the top.  The Mack Daddy of all spiders was in our house.  I am on the phone and Jackson has just woken up when I see this gigantic spider just hanging out on our curtains!!!!!!! I have to get off the phone, I cant even focus on our conversation!

I put Jackson down and try to find the biggest jar or something to put this guy in because there is no way I am squishing it.  Plus I had to make sure Josh saw it, he wouldn't believe me otherwise! So I climb on my chair and knock the thing into this huge vase and cover it up with a notebook. I do all this with the biggest goosebumps ever! 

I run outside and set it on our table. I am not taking a chance of it getting loose in the house again!  For the rest of the afternoon, I keep an eye on it and every time I look at it I get goosebumps.  I even get them while I am writing this!

I send Josh an email saying you better figure out a way to get rid of these spiders or else... (pretty much)  You see I dream of spiders and in my dreams they are so big they are taking over my room so this really threw me off!! Josh came home with bug spray and got rid of our furry friend.

This morning I get up and am still on edge, 2 times already I thought I saw the spider's brother but it turned out to be nothing.  Overreact?!? I think not!!

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