Brown and blue

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A message from Jackson

Hi Everyone!  Today is my 5 month birthday and I wanted to tell you what I am up to all day!

Most days I get to spend the day smiling and laughing at my hilarious mommy and I spend most of my time at night snuggling with my daddy!  As you can tell I love to chew on my hands and spend most of the day drooling away!

Lately, I have been getting these weird mushy things pushed at me and I just am loving to eat them up!  But I would rather feed it to myself!

I tell my mommy lots of stories and mostly she just says agooo or oooooo back at me. I have no idea what she is saying!!! So I just smiled at her.

I spend most of the day rolling back and forth from side to side and playing with my toys on my tummy :)

I also get to spend alot of time with my dog Gracie, she tries to lick me all the time and lay on my blanket!  She seems to get in trouble for that a lot!  I really like her though and I keep trying to grab onto her but she always runs away!

Next week I get to go on my second big airplane ride and see all my friends and family back home.  I am excited but I hope my mom can keep me entertained the whole way back!!

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