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Friday, June 8, 2012

It's the little things :)

Jackson is such a happy little guy about 95% of the time and is always finding new "toys" to entertain himself!!! Things like the cereal box, a coffee creamer can, the bag of dog bones, anything card board and rolls of wrapping paper!!! He thinks they're the best things to play with, making me question why do we even bother with the expensive baby toys ?!?! Here are some pictures of our sweet little man playing with real and fake toys!
Playing with the broom, his favorite outdoor toy

Shopping cart!

A 4-wheeler, I'm sure we will have to have one of these some day!

Our future little Cyclone!!!

The coffee creamer can! He played with it for about 30 minutes!

Maybe he sees us at the computer too much?!?!

Better do a little work while I'm up here!

Playing in the laundry basket

I have an awesome hat!

More laundry since I can now climb on chairs

Jackson seriously loves the laundry basket

A little golf

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