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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jackson's First Haircut

You can only hear, "oh he is getting a little mullet" a couple times before you HAVE to get your son's haircut! So I figured we better get it done before our big trip to Rome in a couple weeks!  I was sort of dreading it, not because I'm so attached to his hair but because he can throw a nice back arching tantrum pretty well these days and I imagined this to be the case while we were there.  Boy was I wrong.
Pre-hair cut

I go to a lady in our town that has a salon in her home so I thought, well even if it was bad it's just us there, not an entire salon full of people! The lady was running a few minutes behind so Jackson sat on my lap and watched another lady get her hair cut.  He was watching with awe and didn't move a muscle, so when it was his turn the same thing happened!  He sat so still, I couldn't believe it.  I think he was so nervous about what was going on that he couldn't move.  He only turned to look at her a couple of times to see what was happening.  I felt a little bad for him but was relieved at how well it went!   At the end he got a little specullen (SP?) "marshmallow treat" for being so good. One for each hand!  He then even sat on my lap through my entire hair cut also!

Holding still!

Checking out his new do

Finished product, back to playing!
What a great experience!  It makes me wonder why I have to always think the worst of something!

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Jessica said...

He looks adorable! It makes him seem so much older!