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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to normal

Well we have recovered from our exhausting trip to Rome and Jackson has been happier than ever!  I'm sure he is just happy to be back to the quiet calm life of the Netherlands!  We have been playing outside all day everyday this week and he is worn out!!

Summer finally arrived so we have been playing in the pool a lot (the kiddie pool that is) and Jackson has been pushing around this horribly annoying John Deere green lawn mower!  It makes this terribly clicking noise that is louder than our actual electric mower we have here (did you know our mower was electric, it seems more like a vaccuum than a mower)

It's hard to believe it but Jackson turned 16 months old this week and more than ever is acting like a toddler.  He is walking, well more like running EVERYWHERE, climbing on the chairs, moving the chairs to get to where he needs, and he is walking around backwards until of course he runs into something and then laughs and runs forward!

Jackson's vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger!  I'm afraid we will have quite the talker on our hands :) Some of his favorite things to say are mama, mommy (on repeat), geese (Grace and all other dogs for that matter), something that resembles "bless you" (whenever any of us sneeze or when he coughs too), "go" has always been a favorite, and he is even starting to say his friends names!  It's so hard to believe how much he is learning each and every day!! Today our task was learning to drink out of a cup!  He LOVED it and did surprisingly well!! We will keep practicing outdoors while the weather is still warm!!

Josh and I are celebrating our 3rd anniversary today!  The time has just flown by for us.  We were just saying the wedding doesn't seem like it was that long ago but some of the fine details are just a little fuzzy now.  In just 3 short years we have had a baby, moved to another country, and traveled to a ton of amazing places!! Tonight we're going to take it easy, have a nice dinner at home with our little man and be thankful for all the memories we have made and look forward to our future together!

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