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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jackson's Favorite Things

Hi Everyone,

It's Jackson here!  I thought I would tell you all about some of my most favorite things right now!  Well there are so many things that I love to do I think I should narrow it down to 10 so here they are:

10.  Pushing the chairs around to get to where I need to be, like the kitchen sink, the radio, the computer, pretty much anywhere that is out of my reach.

9.  Pushing around my shopping cart while my mom vacuums, I usually chase Grace with it.  I think it is so funny!

 8.  I love to run!  Now that I have mastered walking without falling all the time, I have to get everywhere as fast as I can!

7.  I love to GO, it doesn't matter where. I hear the word go and I just get excited and climb into my stroller.

6.  I love blueberries.  I used to hate them and spit them out but I recently discovered how great they are and I always say I want mo, mo, more!

5.  I love to play in the water.  Sometimes we have a pool outside when the weather is warm, but if not I just love to splash around in the sink. Sometimes it makes my mom mad... haha!

4.  I love to play at the park.  We have been going to lots of parks over the summer and I have such a great time.  I can climb up stairs and some ladders all by myself now and I love to go down the slides.  I usually make a new friend at every park I go to.

3.  I love to read, well I love when my mommy and daddy read to me.  I usually make them read the same book over and over about 20 times until I have gotten enough of it and then we can switch to the next book. My most favorite book though is about tractors, we have read it so many times the pages are breaking.

2.  I love TRACTORS, especially the green and yellow ones!! I love saying the word tractor, I love playing with tractors, and I even love shirts with tractors on them!  

1.  My most favorite thing to do right now it talk!  I love to learn new words and I work on saying them over and over and over until I get them right.  Some of my favorite things to say are: momma, dada, grace, book, blue, ball, mur (murphy~a dog we're babysitting right now), go, purple, bird, plane, more, done, hi, car, and I am sure there are more but I can't remember right now.

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