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Friday, November 4, 2011

7 months

Well really where does the time go????

Jackson is now 7 months old and just getting cuter and sweeter every day.  He is sitting up like a champ now, only the occasional tumble over.  He loves jabbering away, especially if you're having a conversation, he does not want to be excluded.

He is not crawling yet ( yeah for us) but is doing a nice peak with his behind up in the air.  I'm sure the day will come all too quickly! Right now he prefers to stand and bounce like a crazy man! 

There is no Halloween in the Netherlands but we carved a pumpkin anyways and had our own little photo shoot in the backyard!

We're loving every second with Jackson and it just melts your heart now when he looks and you and lifts his arm for you to pick him up :)

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