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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What are you thankful for?

Here are a few things we are thankful for this year:

1. Our amazing son Jackson-he is such a happy baby who brings so much joy to our lives!

2. Family- we have a great support system back home and we miss them like crazy

3. Josh's job: we're very luck for him to have such a great job that allows me to stay at home and be with Jackson everyday and also gives us this great opportunity to travel all over Europe!

4. Friends-we love to hear what is going on back at home with you all and are glad that we can still feel like we're in the loop and part of the "circle" of friends.

5. Facebook- it's kind of silly but we really stay connected to not just our friends but our family as well by sharing pictures and posts all the time.

6. Skype- what a great invention. We get to Skype with our family so they are able to see our little guy growing up so quickly.

7. The new friends we have met in Holland: we are so happy and lucky to have met such great people here that make us feel like we're right at home!

8. Living in the Netherlands- while it may be tough some times we are so thankful to be able to experience living in a new country and getting to see things we would have never known even existed.

9. Traveling- this year we have been some pretty amazing places in the Netherlands, France, and Germany and are planning to go some pretty amazing places next year as well.

10. The small things in life that may not be so small to some people like food on the table and a roof over our heads!

We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! Don't forget to take a minute to think about what you are thankful for!!

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