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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

8 months old

Hi Everyone,

Today is my 8 month birthday and I completely surprised my mommy this morning by sliding across the floor to get that silly paper she takes my picture with each month.  I just had to push myself along and in about 5 seconds flat I had that paper in my mouth, soon to be followed by that tasty bone the dog always chews on. 

I also really love walking around holding onto someones hands, it is proving to be the fastest way to get anywhere!!! Besides my walker that is.  That is by far my favorite thing and I chase Grace around all day.  I don't think she really likes it but I think it is hilarious!!

I finally decided to give my mom a break here and there and am sleeping through the night.  Not every night though, I don't want her to get too much sleep!!

We have been cheering on the Cyclones and my mommy and daddy can't believe how good they have been doing!  Me, I have had faith all along!!

I am also working on another tooth so pretty much every picture you will see of me I have drool all over my shirt! It's not very comfortable but I can't help it!!

That is pretty much all I have been up to, my mommy and daddy are dragging me all over the country trying to get their Christmas shopping done and in 1 month on my 9 month birthday we will be back on the airplane to see our family for Christmas.  I can't wait!!!

That is all for now!

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