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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jackson's Dream World

Today we took Jackson to a place I'm sure he dreams about (and maybe Josh too).  The John Deere dealer! So we have been wanting to get Jackson a toy tractor because you all know how much he loves them.  The first word out of his mouth when he wakes up is Tractor, and it is usually the last one out of his mouth before he falls asleep.

Finally we didn't have anything going on this morning so we hopped in the car and talked about tractors the whole 20 minute drive.  Jackson was excited!

When we got there we walked in to a small show room that had a few riding lawn mowers and a bunch of toys.  Jackson thought it was amazing, he kept running around saying tractor over and over.  He would pick up one toy off the shelf only to find another that would catch his eye.  He carried the tractors all over the store and was cracking up the sales men.

The sales man told us there was a show room across the parking lot with the "real" tractors and machines in them that we could go in also.  So we made our purchase and convinced Jackson there would be more tractors to see. 

Jackson climbed up in to the tractor
Josh and Jackson pose for a quick pic
Even I got my picture by a tractor!
As soon as we were in the next building Jackson went nuts, he was running all over to every tractor he saw.  He would climb up, sit on the seat and then climb down and be off to the next tractor. I'm pretty sure we didn't get a single good picture.  Jackson was a blur in all of them.  We were there about an hour and it was pretty much torture getting Jackson out of there but we made it back to the car and he played with his new tractor the whole way home :)

Jackson playing with his new tractor on the ride home
Oh my John Deere boys!!

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