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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The beach at The Hague

Today we had a great day with our little family!  It was a day we won't forget any time soon!  We drove to the Hague, the political capital of the Netherlands.  It is only about an hour and a half from us so not too far when you time it with naps!

We had intentions of seeing the city as well but had such a great time at the beach that we didn't leave! We had packed a picnic lunch and bought some fresh frites (french fries) and then we took Jackson to the water.

We knew he would love the water, but we didn't know how much! We thought it would be too cold and he would just stay by the edge. Wrong! As soon as he got in the water Jackson was chasing after the waves.  He was just so excited every time one came, he laughed and laughed.  I was laughing so hard with him!  It was great! We stayed in the water maybe only 10 minutes but by that time Jackson was all goosebumps and his teeth were chattering.  He was so cold and even more mad at us for making him get out of the water.

Once we got him calmed back down he was fine, back to playing in the sand, wearing my sunglasses and picking up but then throwing down sea shells. We walked down the boardwalk to the pier (about a mile walk). It was a nice walk and we got to see lots of people and shops.

After a seriosly messy milkshake and some yucky churros we were on our way back home with one tired little man in the back seat!  We hope there are more warm days left in the summer so we can go back here before we come back home!

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Lisa Jochim said...

Yea! We're headed there today:)